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Mr. Blade is the trusted place in Bucharest for getting your haircut and beard cut while meeting new people and having an enlightened experience. It’s for man who respect themselves, know their social value and care about how they present themselves to others. Some of man who trust us and come in on a regular basis include well known actors, musicians, ambassadors, business-men, entrepreneurs, bankers, publicists, tv personalities, maveriks. 35% of our customers each month consists of expats and tourists.

Mr.Blade’s Original — Hair & Beard
(Păr: tuns, spălat, stiliza, masaj capilar, Barbă: tuns, spălat, stilizat)
85 Lei

Mr.Blade’s Original — Hair
(Tuns, Spălat, Masaj capilar, Stilizat păr)
75 Lei

Mr.Blade’s Original — Haircut Only
(spălat, tuns)
60 Lei

Mr.Blade’s Beard Styling
(Stilizare barbă)
35 Lei

Mr.Blade’s Wash+Massage
(Spălat, Masaj capilar)
35 Lei


If you represent a Corporation or a Small Company

If you represent a small company or a corporation and feel that you care about your employees to have a good time socializing in a manly place, network, increase their self esteem by always looking their best, or look professional in front the clients and partners, contact us using email to create a special offer for them or your company or call us at +4 021 313 9236.


If you feel you like offering our services as a gift 

You can’t get it wrong with a voucher! You can’t If you would like to offer our services as a gift to the men of your dreams, father, son, or a friend we offer you good looking Vouchers for any of our services. Buy a gift voucher here, or call us at +4 021 313 9236 and make arrangements.